FRASER goes to Switzerland

1 min readJul 26

Five years after its founding, the Berlin-based digital creative agency FRASER will launch an office in Zurich on August 1st in Zurich. There are good reasons behind the move to Switzerland. They have already been the Selecta Group’s lead agency responsible for its sixteen international markets for a year and a half. Now that FRASER has acquired another high-profile client in Switzerland, the step into the Zurich agency scene is only logical.

Benjamin Baumann, CEO of FRASER, says: “Switzerland is the world champion when it comes to innovation. With our new client and our agency model and range of services, now is the right time to make this move. Thanks to our strong local team, we will be able to attract more clients in the medium and long term. Zurich is a highly respected agency hub with many exciting brands. We look forward to our new second home.”

FRASER has been in the process of building a management team and an interdisciplinary team for its Zurich office for some time. Now, it aims to become an attractive employer in the highly competitive Swiss agency market.


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