FRASER joins the L’Osteria La Famiglia

2 min readMay 7, 2020

FRASER becomes the digital lead agency of L’Osteria and starts its first project right away after having worked with other big brands from Germany including Mercedes-AMG and Bosch.

FRASER has been appointed by L’Osteria as their lead digital agency. FRASER will be in charge of the strategy, creation and implementation of all of L’Osteria’s communication activities. This includes communication strategy, social media, editorial content, website & shop, performance marketing and analytics / business intelligence.

FRASER’s first important task will be to help L’Osteria establish and expand their new business model of a home delivery service for their well-known Italian cuisine.

L’Osteria first opened their family-friendly doors in 1999 in Nuremberg. Since then, their recipes have stood the test of time thanks to fresh Italian cuisine, a laid-back atmosphere, and the best pizzas that do more than just fill your plate and are cause for celebration. The L’Osteria family has grown to Augsburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Regensburg, Ulm, and many other cities across Germany. And they continue to expand in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

Originally born as an open and welcoming place where everyone can enjoy and feel at home, L’Osteria plans to increase the range of choices for customers to where they want to eat and make the experience at home the best one it can be.

“We are thrilled and excited to join La Famiglia, and to help them realize the next chapter of this story that began in 1999 happen” said Benjamin Baumann, CEO and Founder of FRASER. “We strongly believe that working together we can take this business to the next level by engaging with the audience on both an emotional and a functional level. We look forward to an exciting partnership with L’Osteria”


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