Launching a legendary sports magazine in Germany

3 min readDec 13, 2021

We had the honour to work together with the team behind Sports Illustrated Germany, to develop and create an integrated campaign communicating the launch of the first-ever edition of the magazine in German.

First, under the “Great sport is coming to Germany” motto, we decided to welcome big international sports stars such as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer to Germany. For this, we surprised people in the place where the ones who come to Germany are first seen: in the Arrivals zones of different airports across the country. An upbeat and funny piece of content was created from this stunt, documenting the diverse reactions of all kinds of passengers when running into these welcome signs.

This video will be deployed in Sports Illustrated’s own digital and social channels, as well as used in paid media efforts.

Sport means team spirit, and that’s why the campaign also includes a series of print and social media executions. There, we paid tribute to athletes from all over the world who have played leading roles in various legendary moments in recent sports history.

The different campaign motives will be used in print, digital and social media, appearing as well in the most relevant German sports publications.

Last but not least, sports are all about emotions. That’s why we also created a video that highlights some of the most important moments in sports, which also became iconic moments through the art of Sports Illustrated. They are deeply rooted in the memory of every sports fan: the mere mention of each of them awakens images in the mind of the viewers and triggers feelings in the same way Sports Illustrated bring those feelings to sports fans from all over the world.

Sports Illustrated shares the unknown stories about the individuals behind the high-performance athletes we all know. Big names that became brands themselves, depicted and portrayed by a world-known magazine brand that sports fans all over the world both know and appreciate. The people behind Sports Illustrated always manage to surprise their audience. That’s why we also wanted to surprise them by announcing their arrival in Germany.

We are both grateful and excited about this chance to work hand in hand with the German editorial team behind this brand, which brings with it a legacy of groundbreaking photography and revolutionary writing, and that has been able to connect with and influence pop culture since its inception.




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