New natural cosmetics brand: STOPit

German independent agency FRASER developed from scratch and in-house a D2C (Direct to Consumer) brand and product: a liquid-soap that contributes to the daily personal commitment to stop the spread of viruses and germs.

3 min readJul 5, 2021


- A new D2C natural cosmetics brand: STOPit
- A practical contribution to the “new normal”
- First product: a liquid soap. A long R&D time, with massive testing over 80 different versions
- The product was developed, designed and even produced in Germany
- Sales start in seven different countries across Europe

At the beginning the pandemic that started in 2020, the team at FRASER wondered if there was a soap positioned as the best one in the battle against bacteria and viruses, while looking stylish and chic at the same time. Also, how to protect both the people we care about and ourselves? How to keep in touch with our loved ones without putting them in risk? How to act responsibly every day? And how to navigate this new reality our society is adjusting to? Is it better to use soap or sanitiser?

After researching, discussing, and thinking about how to contribute by action instead of jumping onto the endless threads of conversations and opinions that go usually nowhere, they came to the conclusion that a D2C brand and product could do the job.

That simple product: liquid soap. Studies from all over the world prove that soap performs better than hand sanitizer when it comes to washing away bacteria as well as other viruses that are even tougher than coronaviruses. Soap combined with running water is by far the best way to eliminate germs from our hands.

For over almost a year, their multi-disciplined team (product engineer, researcher, marketers, designers and strategist) put a lot of their time and attention in researching and learning about the specifics of this category, developing a product from zero, testing over 80 different formulas and a diversity of meticulously picked moisturizing ingredients, then trying a variety of samples and taking and sharing infinite notes. Selected Alpenkräuter with a fresh, unique and strong note define the special fragrance of STOPit.

What the team is particularly proud of is that the product was developed, designed and is even produced in Germany. The new D2C brand under which this product will exist and be marketed is STOPit, a short ‘call-to-action’ that’s also easy to remember and pronounce regardless culture or location. The product will be available initially in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Poland via Amazon.

According to Fernando Barbella, Executive Creative Director, this liquid soap made of natural ingredients is by no means 100% finished, indeed: “STOPit is an ever-evolving product. Only one year ago, reality was completely different to the one we live today. And this product will always be open for improvement, adjusting to new needs, new standards and new behaviours.”

From now on, feeling healthy, taking care of others and protecting yourself against germs and viruses is in your hands. STOPit, it’s in your hands.

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