Nucleo 2.0 — welcome to our new Nucleo!

3 min readAug 16, 2023

We are proud to announce that we will once again be sharing our newsletter on a frequent basis. We will take you into the world of advertising, innovation, and technology. Opinion-based and full of opportunities. Exactly the way we see and experience it. Enjoy!

Nucleo the FRASER way

What excites us, the FRASER team, so much that we consider it relevant to our work? How do we define innovation? And how do (our) ideas become reality?

Once a month, we use Nucleo to express our thoughts and write about various topics that go hand in hand with a factor that plays a crucial role at FRASER: We discuss what is in tune with “zeitgeist”, and what can be an enrichment of knowledge. Nucleo is about innovative approaches that can be significant for creative as well as strategic work in advertising. This starts, for example, with alternative ways of integrating AI. But it can also be news in which we see the potential of an idea that fits one of our projects. We set new impulses by publishing an opinion-driven essay in each issue, having a team member answer a question, revealing a hack you may have been waiting for and giving an agency outlook.

In short, we share what we are passionate about every day. Online, in conversations, after work or somewhere else entirely. We show you how we combine emotion and performance, how we convey and pass on values. Here we give you an insight into our office, introduce our team and share with you the curiosity through which we discover new and innovative things. We give you an impression of how we work — within the team, but also with our clients. We invite you to learn how we rethink topics so that they fit our projects in a tailor-made way.

Are you ready?

Not only our newsletter is new — there have been some great changes at FRASER in the last few months.

One milestone was the move to our new office in Prenzlauer Berg, where we feel right at home and work together on new exciting projects. Fortunately, the new office also offers enough space for new team members: because our agency is not only expanding spatially, but we have also welcomed many new colleagues recently. Welcome to FRASER!

Our secret favorite co-worker is our new office dog Peanut, who likes to make herself comfortable on the roof terrace.

Last but not least, we are very happy about our new website, which perfectly reflects that we like to keep moving.

One question for… Fernando, our Executive Creative Director

Are newsletters still up-to-date? Why does the world need a newsletter from a creative agency?

Totally yes, indeed. Business newsletters have been a cornerstone of marketing for years for both small businesses and enterprises alike. A newsletter is a cost-effective way of building relationships and maintaining regular contact with clients, customers, and business partners. Also, newsletters are especially beneficial for B2B companies because their intended audience, usually employees, already spends hours attending to their email accounts during the workday.

A newsletter from a creative agency can provide a bit more than mere information. It can give its readers a glimpse into other points of view, provocative thoughts, and unanswered questions. For a few minutes, the readers can isolate themselves from the cluttered environment that Social Media is, and focus on a particular topic, brought to them by a group of committed people who embrace their day-to-day both with passion and curiosity.

Keep in touch!

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