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☵ Strategy + Creativity Mix

Spotify listeners put the outside world on hold until they finish their in-car solos. Spotify’s latest campaign follows a chorus of drivers who refuse to do anything until the piano version of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” is finished. Soccer practice, birthday parties, an impatient valet and curbside pizza delivery can all wait until car karaoke is complete, in a familiar moment that combines selfishness with self-care. ☛ Read more

Cadbury’s Unity Bar promotes diversity with four different kinds of chocolate. To celebrate India’s Independence Day on August 15, which honored the country’s independence from the British Empire in 1947, Cadbury introduced the limited-edition Unity Bar. It features in a single block four different types of chocolate: dark, blended, milk and white. The outside packaging also features graphics of faces with a spectrum of skin tones. ☛ Read more

☵ Digital Marketing as Sales

True customer-centricity requires proper investment. Marketers often talk about their desire to be more customer-centric, but it won’t be achieved by cutting corners. Brands must invest both time and money to get it right. ☛ Read more

Digital transformation success depends on agile approach to change. The principles and practices of the agile movement are quickly moving beyond the IT department and into how firms run their day-to-day business. This new way of organising and running business gains further impetus by the headlong rush to use digital transformation to gain competitive advantage, which often requires changing a company’s operating model through many iterative steps known as a journey. ☛ Read more

☵ Merging Editorial + Campaign Content

YouTube Kids is getting its own website. YouTube Kids, Google’s child-focused version of the video app, is getting its own website. In a blog post Tuesday, the YouTube team said it’s launching YouTube Kids on the web later this week. Previously YouTube Kids was available as an iOS or Android app. The company also said it’s making it easier for parents to find the right content for their kids. ☛ Read more

YouTube abandons paid viewership strategy by dismantling content paywall. YouTube is going for broke in an increasingly competitive market for streaming subscribers by lowering its paywall for new shows during a limited window to maximise audiences. The decision firmly pins YouTube’s colors to the ad-funded mast and will hand it a significant advantage in that respect over the likes of Apple, Disney and Netflix in an increasingly competitive battle for eyeballs. ☛ Read more

☵ Product is Communication too

Why brands such as Doritos and MasterCard are removing the names from their logos. Some brand logos are so recognisable that they don’t need the name to accompany the mark, or at least that’s what some of the biggest brands in the world are hoping. Take Nike’s swoosh, Adidas’ three stripes and Apple’s… apple. Other brands think they have that caché in their logos and are removing the name — some perhaps as a temporary ploy for attention and others could be testing the waters for future use. ☛ Read more

Instagram now lets anyone make their own AR effects. The photo-sharing app is now prominently featuring user-generated AR selfie filters in a move that seems like a direct challenge to Snapchat’s Lenses. Instagram has been testing its AR creation software, called Spark AR Studio, for some time, but now it’s making it more widely available. And, to mark the occasion, it’s showing off users’ creations in the app. ☛ Read more




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